Status of Patron’s Accredited Member by the COBIS

It is with great pleasure that we announce that PBAW has achieved the status of Patron’s Accredited Member by the Council of British International Schools. This extensive process was completed in November with the final visit from the COBIS Team and we are now one of only three schools in Poland to have achieved this status. PBAW is proud to have fulfilled the requirements for the 10 Compliance and Accreditation Standards set forth by COBIS. Administrators, teachers, students and parents have all worked incredibly hard this past year in making sure our school’s British programme reflects the mission and high standards of COBIS.

For more detailed information on the Compliance and Accreditation standards PBAW met, please visit:’s_Accreditation/COBIS_Accreditation_and_Compliance_Standards.pdf

Many thanks to our Administration, Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students who, working together, made this all possible.