PBAW School Volunteers, established in September 2019, includes students from Years 6-8, parents and staff. This program was founded as a way for students to work together to give back to their school and area communities. With its diverse volunteering opportunities, it has become a very popular school organization and averages over 40 volunteers per school year.  The staff sponsor is Ms. Katarzyna Lipińska.

Each year the volunteers spend hours doing a variety of projects and activities.  These activities are chosen based on needs of the school or those in the community.  Some of the past activities have included cleaning a local cemetery, raising funds for disabled children, collecting supplies and food for local animal shelters, organizing fund-raisers for international needs, and collecting clothes and toys for local orphanages or homeless shelters.  Volunteer opportunities are also available within our school and include helping with in-school events such as Children’s Day, our annual Christmas Market and homework club.  The group works to find opportunities both in our school community and the Warsaw community as well.

Our Motto comes from John Paul II: “Man is great not because of what one has, but because of what one is; not by what one has, but by what one shares with others.”

Our own distinct logo was designed by one of the students.

What we have managed to do in the SCHOOL YEAR 2019/2020:
  • Christmas Market connected with a charity auction for Sławek and Jadzia.
  • Photo workshop Grade 8 for Grades 4-5 - „Following your footsteps”.
  • All year action „All Poland reads to children” – older students were reading to younger ones.
  • All year action „AFTERSCHOOL HELPERS”- helping with doing homework.
  • All year action „Collect bottle tops” for Ola .
  • Action „Remembering those who are not with us any more - cleaning neglected graves and monuments".
  • Collection of clothes and money for families in need.
  • Collection of clothes and food for the homeless to get through winter.
  • Collection of toys, books, clothes and sweets for orphanages.
  • Christmas Workshop- making wreaths – the income of which was handed over to charity.
  • Easter cards for orphanages and collection of sweets from the Bunny.
  • Aid fundraising for Australia.
  • Collection of food and accessories for the dog shelter „ Psiemiatycze” as well as rabbits.
  • Workshop Helpers section - volunteers helped in creating workshops for the youngest.
  • ICT Helpers - taking care of the condition of the ICT room.
  • On 05.12.2020, for the first time in our School, we celebrated the International Volunteer Day. During the festive assembly, certificates and T-shirts were given out to the School Volunteers.