Our History

  • 2018New school division

    From September 2018 we have opened a division of the school at 43 Wiertnicza Str. Our school is now located in two buildings: 75 Wiertnicza Str. - Years from 0 - 5, 43 Wiertnicza str. - Years 5 - 8.

  • 2017Member of the prestigious Council of British International Schools (COBIS)

    MAY 2017 – The School became a member of the prestigious Council of British International Schools (COBIS). We successfully went through the screening process and entered the British International Schools network.

  • 2016 Changing the school's name and choosing the patron

    From 1st September 2016 our school changed its name to the Polish British Academy of Warsaw - Primary School. Our patron is Jan III Sobieski. The motto of the school is ‘…By keeping silent no one has ever learned a language…’ - the words of Jakub Sobieski - the father of Jan III Sobieski.

  • 2015 Moving school to a new building

    During the winter holidays in February 2015, we have moved to a building at 75 Wiertnicza Street. Back then, the school had four classes, however, in September 2015 there were already seven.

  • 2015 COBIS Membership

    In 2014, we began the process of gaining a British International Schools membership. After 1.5 years of qualifying procedures, in September 2015 we became from the Council of British International Schools a COBIS member and obtained the Candidate School status.

  • 2012 Opening of a Primary School

    In 2012, we have opened a school - Kids' Academy Primary School. We started with year zero and year one, which were located in the preschool building on Arbuzowa Street.

  • 2007 Opening of a Preschool in Warsaw

    In 2007, we have opened a preschool in Warsaw. The Warsaw facility is much bigger than the one in Konstancin. We have 2 groups in each year. Our youngest pupils are 2.5 years and the oldest are 6 years.

  • 2004 Opening of a Preschool in Konstancin-Jeziorna

    In 2004, we have opened the first Kids' Academy Preschool, located in Konstancin-Jeziorna on 38 Łąkowa Street. This Preschool was operating for 10 years and has educated about 600 children.