Polish National Curriculum

The youngest PBAW students attend Clas 0, which is the last part of pre-school education and prepares them for the start of school. The class tutor tutor gives classes in both Polish and English and organises the educational environment in such a way that children are able to explore new areas of interest and their capabilitites. The class 0 daily schedule is designed in such a way that there is always time for group work, individual work and free time at the playground or the school’s pitch. The tutor is always aiming at building a sense of maturity in kids’ behaviour and attitude towards education, which is necessary to start the school in Class 1.

Scholar education lasts 8 years and is divided into 2 phases:

  • classes I – III (early education)
  • classes IV – VIII

Early school education is performed in a way of integrated education. Each class has an assigned tutor which keeps the track of the polish curriculum and teaches two classes simultaneously. The tutor follows the Polish curriculum and divides the School hours into education:

  • Polish (5h per week)
  • Maths (2h per week)
  • Social Studies (1h per week)
  • Geography (1h per week)
  • Art (1h per week)
  • Design and Technology (1h per week)
  • IT (1h per week)

Music and PE classes are led by professional tutors. It is also optional to choose religion classes (1h per week). Starting from the third class, a second language is introduced and taught 2 hours per week.