PBAW Summary Report

COBIS (Council of British International Schools) is an organisation dealing with the verification and improvement of the work of schools operating in the British system.
The Compliance and Accreditation processes require time and a lot of work of the school staff, in particular the headmistress or other person appointed to carry out the accreditation activities. It is a paid and voluntary process, run by schools that strive for self-improvement.

COBIS – Description of the Accreditation Process

Part 1 – Compliance (Membership)

During the Compliance visit at PBAW, the leader of the accreditation team observed and evaluated the school against the following standards:


Through this standard, the school strives to make the safety of children and employees a top priority. Safety includes the protection of children’s rights and thorough verification of the qualifications and experience of staff.


As part of this standard, the school focuses on providing a safe and supportive environment for all children.


A standard verifying the access of all students to facilities that support their learning and physical safety.


Through this standard, the school makes sure that the board has strategic plans for the development of the school and regards the well-being of students as the priority.


The ethos of British schools focuses on educating children towards open-mindedness, tolerance and a holistic approach to learning and student values. Inside this standard, the presence and scope of these values in the school is checked.

Thanks to the first stage of the accreditation process and obtaining COBIS membership status, we know that currently:

  1. The PBAW recruitment process is fair, in-depth and transparent and is carried out equally for each employment.
  2. Each employee of our school meets the requirements related to the knowledge of children’s rights and how to react in the event of their violation.
  3. The school provides a preventive and educational structure that meets the requirements of all students and promotes their personal development.
  4. PBAW meets the requirements to provide students with safety, care and supervision, and an environment needed for physical and mental development.
  5. The school makes proper use of the student behavior system, thanks to which children are provided with the conditions that support their learning and safety at school.
  6. Trips outside the school are planned in a way that ensures safety of students and the educational value of selected activities.
  7. School facilities are adapted to the educational needs of children and provide a safe environment for students, staff and visitors.
  8. Both buildings meet all health and safety requirements (we have made additional improvements to the fire protection system and secured school rooms for students’ access to hazardous substances, electrical cords, etc.)
  9. PBAW promotes the values of the British ethos through a diverse curriculum, opportunities allowing children to develop awareness of other cultures and global issues, and conducting at least half of the classes in English.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the COBIS website: