Our school has met all the formal requirements of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and after 1.5 years of the qualification procedure we received the title of a British International School. Acceptance into this prestigious association of more than 200 British international schools means that, in addition to the parallel implementation of two curriculums – Polish according to the core curriculum provided by the Polish Ministry of National Education MEN) and the British according to the core curriculum provided by British Department of Education -DfE) – the school will also be subject to the control of these two bodies (MEN and DfE).

The primary objective of the Council of British International Schools is to support its members. COBIS represents the interests of member schools in the UK and abroad, in the British Department of Education and other organizations.


Benefits resulting from the membership of Council of British International Schools:

  • guarantee of the highest quality of education according to the British curriculum
  • opportunity to work with schools from all over the world
  • opportunity to participate in international competitions and contests
  • access to qualified teachers from outside Poland (schools have access to the platform which helps seek teachers who work in COBIS schools or are recommended by COBIS)
  • access to high-quality conferences, seminars, training and programs for teachers
  • support through contacts, advisory, information and marketing companies (thanks to the cooperation with COBIS we have already bought British textbooks for children at a very good price)
  • access to information and research on the development of practice in international and British education sector

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the COBIS website: