Aims and Ethos

The main goal of the Polish British Academy of Warsaw is to provide our children with the best education offered by both the British and Polish education systems. We want to give the children a strong foundation for their future school career regardless of whether they will study in Poland or abroad. We teach both in English and Polish, so they can feel confident in an international society and at the same time feel “at home” while in Poland.

We consider tolerance, respect for other cultures and traditions, and appreciation for the diversity of the world around us as important elements of a good and modern upbringing. We also believe that the successful social and emotional development of each child is only possible with a strong and unique relationship between pupils and their teachers.



Our school has Reception to Year 8 classes. We keep our class sizes small so that each student will successfully achieve a solid basis for their education. We are moving forward in building a new and modern facility for our primary school and preschool, which will include various sport facilities, a playground and a parking lot. Classrooms will be sophisticated and modern, equipped with multimedia devices and specific teaching tools. The project is planned in Wilanów or Mokotów.


Our school is strongly international as we have both children and teaching staff from countries all over the world. We celebrate Polish holidays and traditions, but we also respect those of other cultures and include those celebrations throughout the year.  We teach our students respect, tolerance, honesty and lawful behavior throughout all classes, disciplines, and subjects.


We do our best to achieve the highest level of education possible. We are aware that carrying on two teaching programs simultaneously requires a great deal of supervision so that our students can learn efficiently and benefit from the joint structure. We believe that the empirical approach suggested by the British program is of a huge value for our pupils. We aim at educating all our children in such a way that they face few problems with being admitted by any other high school in Poland or the United Kingdom. We assure educational continuity for students coming from abroad and we offer support in their educational transition and process.


We pride ourselves on building the highest educational level and aim at fulfilling all of these goals and ambitions so that the Parent choosing the PBAW brand will be certain about its quality.

Our PBA POLISH BRITISH ACADEMY WARSAW logo is officially registered in the Patent Office of Poland under the registration number R-296105 with a word-graphic protected trademarked since 11 August 2016.


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