Our Preschool

The opening of our primary school is the result of experience gained through the eight years of working at Kids’ Academy Preschools.

Preschool is a time for the first steps in education, which children start at the approximate age of three years old. This is the time during which many characteristics and skills are shaped. Therefore, it is very important how much attention children receive, what they are offered and how much they can benefit from a preschool environment so as to create a strong foundation for school education.

Our bilingual preschool is a place where children progress at an extremely fast pace due to modern educational methods. We create a friendly environment for carefree fun and support emotional development. In addition to the efficiency and capability appropriate for this developmental period, children gain something more – bilingualism, which is a wonderful base and gives students courage and confidence for the first steps in an English-teaching school like ours.

Kids' Academy Preschool asstes:
  • Early childhood education and immersion in English thanks to English-speaking teachers and native speaker
  • Modern methods of interactive education
  • Bilingualism present every day, as the standard of communication in today's world
  • School preparation pursuing the highest standards of education based on the development of self-esteem and strength of purpose

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