Uniforms are obligatory at PBAW. By wearing a uniform, students gain an understanding of identification, responsibility and integrity within the PBAW community.   Our uniforms are designed to be practical and fashionable. They are made from high quality materials. Wearing a uniform gives a sense of pride and pleasure for children and makes life easier for parents.


We have a daily outfit, an official outfit for special and important events, and a sports outfit for physical education classes. The daily outfit is required every day except for the last Friday of the month. It consists of very comfortable and practical clothes, such as skirt or navy-blue trousers, a princess dress, and polo shirts with long and short sleeves in various colors. Skirts are available in both winter and summer versions.  The official version includes a white shirt, tie, cardigan sweater, checkered skirt for girls and for boys, navy blue trousers. The sport outfit includes shorts, track pants, a t-shirt and a zippered jacket. Also available is a school jersey jacket, available in blue and white or red and white.


Ordering uniforms takes place twice a year, in June and December. A special online system is available for the orders and includes individual models and sizes.

Daily outfit:
  • dark blue, red or white polo with school emblem,
  • cardigan sweater with school emblem,
  • dark blue chinos pants ,
  • dark blue shorts,
  • woolen plaid skirt or dark blue cotton skirt,
  • dark blue sleeveless dress or cotton dress (dark blue, red or white).
Besides trousers and shorts bought at the school, students may wear pants or shorts in colors: dark blue, black or dark denim.

Gala outfit:
  • white button-down shirt with school emblem,
  • school tie,
  • cardigan sweater with school emblem,
  • dark blue pants for boys,
  • woolen plaid skirt for girls.

P.E. outfit:
  • green or red polo T-shirt with school shield,
  • dark blue shorts,
  • dark blue and red school tracksuit.