Our school cooperates with a proven catering company that prepares homemade lunches. Breakfast and snack are prepared in the school kitchen on site.

Children eat meals in the canteen. Often they have the possibility to choose what they eat from the proposed menu. We encourage children to eat, but do not force them.

We serve 3 meals a day:

  • Breakfast with plate of fruits ( included in the school tuition)
  • Two-course lunch (paid additionally by parents)
  • Snack ( included in the school tuition)

Children have a constant access to spring water, fruit and vegetables.

In individual cases we prepare special menus for students on diets.

We fully understand how important it is providing children with proper food. Good diet ensures proper development and influences children’s intellectual capabilities. Thatswhy we feel it is important to provide good feeding habits in our school. Our menu is planned in accordance with high food safety regulations. The ingredients come from reliable producers. We take great responsibility for the quality of the food served in our school, ensure it is varied and meets the expectations of our children.

Download files:

Menu for the current week