Our Facilities

Location. Our buildings are located at 75 Wiertnicza Str. and 43 Wiertnicza Str., the main artery of Wilanów, near the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace.

They are situated within 300 m of each other.


Building at 75 Wiertnicza Str.

Inconspicuous from the front, it stretches several dozen meters into the interior, where the sports ground and playground are located, surrounded by greenery and away from the street. On four levels there are classrooms, subject workplaces, a cloakroom, a canteen and a library.

As of September 2016, most classrooms are already occupied. Ultimately, twelve classes can be taught in the building.

On the ground floor there are classrooms, a music room, a secretary’s office and a stairway to the cloakroom located on level -1. On the first floor there are mainly classrooms and a nurses room. On the top storey there is a school kitchen and a canteen, a teacher’s room, classrooms as well as an IT room. All rooms are equipped with audio-visual tools and adapted to given activities. During the IT classes students use laptops and an interactive whiteboard, they learn to play instruments in music and have access to Polish and English-language books from the school library.

The building is very friendly, the rooms have large windows and are bright and spacious. The centrally located staircase and wide corridors allow free movement.

Playground and sports ground. The area most liked by our students is, the outdoor part – a modern playground and a professional pitch with artificial grass. We make sure that sports activities take place outdoors whenever the weather allows. The students spend time on the sports ground  also during school breaks and afternoon classes. During the Autumn – Winter period it is covered by a professional balloon.

Building at 43 Wiertnicza Str.

Located at the end of Wiertnicza str. when driving towards Konstancin, adjacent to the headquarters of the Fire Brigade.The school is arranged in a modern style building with big windows, the construction of which ended in August 2018. On three levels, it has an area of several hundred square meters. In the whole building there is a place for 6 classes.  Students who learn in this building are from older classes, starting from Year 5.


There is a reception desk on the ground floor and classrooms are located on the first and second floor.

On the 1st floor there is a beautiful canteen, a teacher’s room, a psychologist’s room and the director’s room.  The cloakroom is located on -1 level. All rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment and adapted to given activities.


During breaks, the students use the outdoor gym and play ping-pong. For PE and IT classes they go to the building at 75 Wiertnicza Str.