PBAW celebrated Science Week with a visit from ModraSova, who brought in some great experiments to share with our students. This was followed up our first Science Fair. Years 0-2 presented their experiements and findings with each other. Year 0OK studied how water can break down some materials like salt and suger but not others like flour and they created a really cool lava experiment and Year 0BJ studied static eletricity. Year 1MB learned how to make crystals with Borax and and learned about different kind of crystals, including those we eat (salt). Year 1AK studied how water may or may not mix with other liquids–they even created something that looked like chocolate milk. Year 2AM had an exhibit all about the human heart and even had a display showing how the blood is pumped and a stethoscope so you could hear your heart. Year 2CF had a display all about the 6 biomes of the world and how pollution effects them and what we can do to save them. Years 3-8, due to quarantines, had to postpone their parts but will be exhibiting their topics as soon as they are all back at school. It was a great first Science Fair.