PBA celebrated Math Week! Each day had a designated theme including a costume day, game day, a song contest day and an arts and crafts day. All activities were math related giving the students some unique opportunities to see hust how much math we use on a daily basis in our everyday lives. A BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Rana for organizing it all! Kids had fun while learning about the many ways we use math.


Day 1: Costume Day!!
Day 2 of Math Week: Game Day! Students were encouraged to bring math related board games to school or they could create their own for others to play. We also had a rubics cube competition to see who was the fastest! The fastest cuber was Antek Z from YR8 at 17 seconds!!! Karol O 8KL came in second with 40 seconds followed by Lukasz S from 4DM with 45 seconds! Congratulations to the contestants who clicked their fastest!

Day 3 of Math Week: Arts and Crafts Day! Just how can one be creative with math? Let the pictures show and tell you!!