PBAW School Volunteering, established in September 2019, has been operating in our facility.

The voluntary organisation includes students form grades 6-8. It is very popular – we have 40 volunteers! Parents and school staff are also involved in helping activities. The guardian of the group is Ms. Katarzyna Lipińska.

The school year 2019/2020 was full of various forms of helping, from charity campaigns to activities for the school and local community of Wilanów.

The motto of our actions are the words: Man is great not because of what one has, but because of what one is; not by what one has, but by what one shares with others. ” JPII

We also have our own logo designed by one of the students.

What we have managed to do in the SCHOOL YEAR 2019/2020:
  • Christmas Market connected with a charity auction for Sławek and Jadzia.
  • Photo workshop Grade 8 for Grades 4-5 - „Following your footsteps”.
  • All year action „All Poland reads to children” – older students were reading to younger ones.
  • All year action „AFTERSCHOOL HELPERS”- helping with doing homework.
  • All year action „Collect bottle tops” for Ola .
  • Action „Remembering those who are not with us any more - cleaning neglected graves and monuments".
  • Collection of clothes and money for families in need.
  • Collection of clothes and food for the homeless to get through winter.
  • Collection of toys, books, clothes and sweets for orphanages.
  • Christmas Workshop- making wreaths – the income of which was handed over to charity.
  • Easter cards for orphanages and collection of sweets from the Bunny.
  • Aid fundraising for Australia.
  • Collection of food and accessories for the dog shelter „ Psiemiatycze” as well as rabbits.
  • Workshop Helpers section - volunteers helped in creating workshops for the youngest.
  • ICT Helpers - taking care of the condition of the ICT room.
  • On 05.12.2020, for the first time in our School, we celebrated the International Volunteer Day. During the festive assembly, certificates and T-shirts were given out to the School Volunteers.